Here at Winchester Amps, we know it’s more than just an amp.  It’s your sound.  It’s YOUR sound.  It’s what you sell and it’s what makes you different than all the others.   Whether you have standing gigs and make your living with your music or just enjoy jamming with friends, your sound is what it’s all about.  We aren’t going to tell you what you want or try and convince you that this or that is better.  We listen to you and then we deliver.  Custom builds and modifications are driven by you, the client and we’re not happy until you’re happy.









Winchester Amps is equipped to service your gear from the forgotten boat anchor to the latest solid state technology.   We keep many parts in stock so you don’t have to wait weeks to get back on stage.  In the event we do have to order something special it’s only a couple of days from the majority of suppliers.  We stock all  the standard tubes with the JJ Electronics brand, as we’ve found them to be a nice balance between sound performance and cost.  All brands are available for your preference.  Tubes are matched in sets and bias checked and adjusted as necessary.

marshall amps_lowresPeavey Nashvill 400Winchester Amps can service all of your amplifier equipment.  It doesn’t matter what you  have or what’s wrong with it, we’ll take care of it and get you playing.  From Ampeg to Dr. Z, we’ve got you covered.  Since we build custom amps, we can service one-of-a-kind gear too.  We don’t just work on the electronics either.  We’ll recone the speakers, replace cabinet hardware and even rebuild the cabinet and replace the tolex if that’s what you require.  Custom cabinets are built in our woodworking shop so you can get exactly what you want.

We’ll modify your gear too.  If you are looking for a special sound to make your music stand out, we can mod what you have or build custom effects into your amp or just build a pedal. We love being creative.