Welcome to Winchester Amps, Amp repair in East Texas

Winchester Amps is a full service guitar amp repair facility located in Deep East Texas.  We have moved just outside of Lufkin, TX in Etoile.  Etoile Texas is a little off the beaten path, so to make it easier for customers you can give me a call and I’ll arrange to pick it up and deliver it.  We repair all makes and models of guitar amps and pro sound reinforcement equipment. Throughout deep East Texas you can count on your gear getting the best of care. We repair vintage equipment and do total restorations to keep your vintage sound, as well as speaker reconing. Sometimes a speaker replacement just won’t do, so we can make your old speakers sound new again. Winchester Amps can keep your gear bone stock if you’re happy with the sound, or can perform the modifications to fine tune your tone to just what you’re looking for. JJ tubes strike a great balance between great sound and good value, but we can use any brand of tube you request. Tube sets are always matched and biased to factory specs unless you have a preference for a cooler or warmer setting. At Winchester Amps it doesn’t matter what we like, it matters what you, the customer likes.

Winchester Amps also works on all solid state amps, from small single channel practice amps to large, high-powered sound reinforcement gear. We are well versed in the latest microprocessor DSP circuitry and keep up with the latest in guitar amp technology. There are a lot of mods done with current solid state amps, some good, some not-so-hot. You tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll come up with a way to make it happen. While we do provide pedal effects service and custom builds, we can build many effects right into your amp. Less noise pickup, less hum, less mess. Winchester Amps can also provide your effects switching wirelessly. Yes, Really!

We mentioned guitar effects earlier, and yes we service all makes and models of commercially made effects. Stomp boxes have become such a big thing and everyone seems to want their “own” sound. Again, Winchester Amps can custom build your pedals so you sound exactly how you want to sound.

Full Custom Amps Built to order

If you’re looking for a custom amp, let us know what sound you’re looking for. We will help you spec out the equipment that will have you sounding your best. Winchester Amps uses quality components that will sound great for years to come. Since we build your amp just for you, you don’t pay for features that you don’t use.

Early stage of custom amp.

Early stage of custom amp.

We make sure you have exactly what you need to achieve what you’re wanting. We can build clones of the vintage classics and add cool options like speaker emulation line out so you can keep your classic sound while plugging into a house system. Are you looking for that thick, heavy overdriven sound of the Fender Twin, but cant crank 100 watts in your small venue? We can help. You tell us the sound that you’re looking for, the power output you need the number of channels and any features you require, and we’ll make it happen.